STAR TRIP it’s an slapstick show fromYLLANA. Using their characteristic black humour and universal language without words, STAR TRIP draws us into the fascinating and absurd world of science fiction an outer space.

STAR TRIP’S four intrepid astronauts have been hibernating in a space-craft, which has been drifting through space for the last fifty years. Their mission is to find intelligent life throughout the universe, and once found, destroy it.

The show begins when our daring crew awake. Their fight to control a craft which has a life of its own, their arduous day to day tasks, together with the different worlds with which they collide, are the start of a giddy and dizzy journey to the boundaries of comedy.

With a most carefully orchestrated sound track, and elaborate visual effects, YLLANA pays homage to what is dear to their hearts; outer space films, science fiction and terror tales.

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