Puppetry of the Penis was conceived by Simon Morley in Australia in 1996. When his little brother showed him his first trick (the hamburger), Simon never imagined he would end up showing his penis to half the world, but that is what has happened. Following this initial figure, the Morley brothers began a strange competition in which the difficulty and variety of the genital installations gradually increased. The first public demonstration of his incredible abilities took place on New Year’s Eve 1997, when Simon, with an elegant lack of modesty, decided to show off his talent to a garage full of an audience that had already heard about his “puppets”.

It was just a matter of time before he and David Friend became performance partners. David was famous among university circles where, at parties, with inestimable help from beer, his penis talents were also received with cheers. As soon as they met, they decided to work together as PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS.

Their stage debut was at the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Their smashing success enabled them to kick off a long tour throughout the country. Eight months and 20,000 kilometres of phallic exhibitions followed, which were recorded step by step in the documentary “Tackle Happy”. They managed to work sold-out seasons in Sydney and Melbourne. The genital fever that they unleashed took them straight to the 2002 Edinburgh International Festival where they filled theatres again and sold out shows.

Then, David Johnson and Richard Temple, two of the most important producers in London theatre, were amazed to watch as a woman literally wet her pants laughing at the contortion wonders she saw on stage. They signed a deal right there to take the show to London , where spontaneous laughter and urination would be a sure thing.

The first 5 weeks under contract turned into 5 months, thanks to the overwhelming response of the London public. Hugh Grant, Naomi Campbell, Elton John and Bono were among the thousands of people who enjoyed the impressive way the two Australians handled their penises. Since then, Puppetry of the Penis has reaped success in New York , Berlin , Reykjavik , etc.

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