Hipo, premiered at the Autumn Festival in 1999, is the first production of Yllana that is not performed by Yllana’s actors but by Sexpeare.

Hipo is a hilarious comedy, this time with spoken parts, about Moho (David Tenreiro), a young man who always wanted to be a policeman and who meets in Professor Sadex’ (Rulo Pardo) and his sidekick Rabon’s (Santiago Molero) sex shop the basis for an evil plan: a homosexualised planet until the end of the time.

A psychedelic story that mixes the aesthetics of the comics and bad science fiction movies together, like a 3D comic of the plexiglassed world that our actors are dreaming of. An irreverent, absurde and extremely funny fantasy.

Sexpeare were playing in theatre cafés in Madrid until Yllana spotted them and directed Hipo, their first theatrical play.

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