The Hole is an original idea by LETSGO, Yllana y Paco León.

A fresh and shameless show. Let’s mix cabaret, burlesque, circus, music and humor; then add some drops of a sensual and provocative tone… A huge party hosted by an MC that will be played by different artists along the season. Paco León’s gone first. He’s one of the architects and co-playwrighter of the show. Later on, we’ve enjoyed Eduardo Casanova and Alex O’Dogherty. We’re currently blessed with Pepa Charro, and we’ll also have the chance to have Fernando Gil and Silvia Abril inviting us to this party, where there’s also room for national and international first-line artists and their most fascinating, funny, and sexy routines.

Welcome to The Hole.

This has all been taking place in Madrid since September 15th, 2011. The Calderón Häagen-Dazs Theatre has been wholly transformed: the stage is enlarged towards the stalls, dressed with tables and chairs to provide it with the necessary cabaret halo. A cozy place full with nightlife where to live an unrepeatable experience.

We count on an artistic team composed by widely renown artists with a long career such as, among others, Nicolás Vaudelet (designer for brands like Gaultier, Givenchy or Vuitton and artists like Madonna), Miguel Brayda (Set Designing National Award), Juanjo Llorens (Max Prize to Best Lightning Design 2011) and Secun de la Rosa (actor and scriptwriter).

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