An English living room and an English couple, wearing English shoes, next to an English fireplace, undertaking a parody of a typical English dialogue with intervals of English silence (author’s note: the English context of the play is purely coincidental).

Yllana offers a particular vision of this funny classical of the theatre of the absurd, mixing senseless dialogues (made up of topics taken from English learning books that gradually turn themselves into an attack of the language itself) and exploring the genres of circus, physical theatre and comedy.

La cantante calva (The Bald Soprano) was premiered in 1950 and it is probably one of the plays that most inspired Yllana in their early days and that started their adventure into the world of theatre at the end of the 80s.

Yllana and Ionesco, together again after almost fifteen years, work on this play that shows the senselessness and the peculiarity of the daily life and, basically, the absurdity of the human existence.

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