If we could stop time and control it, take a breather to observe it…  If we could do all of that… What would we do? What would we change?

Time is what sets the pace and the basis for developing the music, song and dance. However, our actions have the capacity to change our perception of time. In Momentum we can stop time, slowing it down to trap the present moment and changing it to be able to review the past or speed it up to drive ourselves into the future. When and how can we go at the pace of time, and when and how do we decide to manipulate it or distort it…?

300,000 viewers around the world since its premiere in Madrid. Momentum premiered in Madrid at the end of 2008 and over 100,000 viewers enjoyed the show during its first five months on the stage. There are currently two casts performing the show, one on tour and the other at Mayumana House in Tel Aviv.

Artistic advisor: David Ottone
Creator: Mayumana / Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman
Produced: Mayumana
Cast: Silvia Garcías de Ves (Spain), Eva Boucherite Martín (Spain), Aka Jean Claude Thiemele (Ivory Coast), Ramiro M. Tersse “Ramiroquai” (Spain), Malu Maria Lucia Bus (Holland), Tim Vranken (Belgium), Lu Arroyo Moreno (Spain), Vanderson Souza Dos santos (Brasil), Enrique Jacinto “Kike” (Spain), Alexandra Jezouin (France), Omer Zeret (Israel), Asaf Yaniv (Israel)

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