Mario and Colate leave their small town to travel to Madrid pursuing their dream: to create their own band. In the midst of cultural and social turmoil, the city is indifferent to their arrival, giving them a big dose of reality. Without jobs or money, no manager, no record label is interested in them… but they don’t give up and move forward, after getting work in a bar called El 33, where they meet another couple of dreamers searching for fame: Guillermo and Panchi. They form their group Rulé with them, winning an important competition that lets them record their first album and move their career in the right way towards success. Along the way, Mario finds love with María and Colate the dark world of drugs, while their friendship is put to the test by ambition and glory. This is the beginning of the 1980s.

Authors: José María Cano and Ignacio Cano
Music: Ignacio Cano
Text: David Serrano
Songs and lyrics: Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez
Artistic direction: David Ottone
Production: Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar S.L. / Drive

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