A young sculptor thinks it will be a fantastic night for his artistic career: an influential art collector is coming to his studio to look at his sculptures. His pieces will finally BE PUBLICISED… His girlfriend has hoped this will be an extraordinary night for their relationship: he convinced his father, a strict former military man, to meet his fiancé, a young promising artist. Finally love will LIGHT UP his life…

To make a good impression, something daring must be done: borrow the exquisite artworks and select furniture of his antiquarian neighbour, taking advantage of the fact that he’s away for the weekend. They will finally APPRECIATE his excellent taste… What will happen if something unexpected happens? Who knows? Perhaps a BLACKOUT? The visit of a loose-lipped neighbour?  Of an ex-girlfriend? The early return of a neighbour?

The dramatic convention of this situational comedy is based on a simple game: when the stage lights are turned off, the actors can see… but the audience cannot. And, when they are turned on, the viewers can see, but the performers are blind. Meanwhile, the work continues in this apparent darkness for the characters who stumble about in the penumbra… Can everything be resolved in total darkness? And could there be anyone better than YLLANA to achieve it?

Version and art direction: Joe O’Curneen
Executive producers: Verteatro / Smedia
Author: Peter Shaffer
Executive production: Verteatro, Smedia
Set design: Anna Tusell
Lighting design: Juanjo Llorens
Wardrobe: Anna Tusell and Felype R. de Lima
Set produced by: Mambo Decorados
With: Gabino Diego (Brindsley), Paco Churruca (Coronel), Aurora Sánchez (Miss Furnival), Diego Molero (Harold), Ramón Merlo (Schuppanzingh), Eva Santolaria (Carol), Ana Arias/Ledicia Solá (Clea)

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Year 2010