It’s not a monologue and it’s not a late-night show, but it’s got it all!

Havana 7: Historias que cuentan is now on Madrid’s showtimes and is opening its doors to the public. The project to support journalism par excellence, which has been seducing us for three years with the stories of our best communicators (Andrés Aberasturi, Juan Ramón Lucas, Enric González, Javier Reverte, Carlos Boyero, Javier Gallego and Juan Luis Cano), premieres a new concept of the show. A unique, groundbreaking and cultural hybrid, unheard of until now: El Club Havana 7: Historias que cuentan.

The club is exclusive and intimate, nocturnal and candid, which will revolve around a personality who is an astounding representative of great communication in our country. A show during which they toast with Havana 7 Rum, the project promoter, and swap stories and experiences that make us gasp and shiver.

El Club Havana 7. Historias que cuentan opened its doors with Rubén Amón on 29 June 2015 at Madrid’s Alfil Theatre, offering only two functions, at 8.00 and 10.30 pm, for 13 euros (performance + perfect serve), for its show El tigre mordió a Cristo, based on the homonymous beast. A show produced by Grupo Duende and Havana 7, stamped with the seal of the theatre company Yllana, the most hardcore and rocking company on the theatre scene. In it, the multifaceted one-man-band of journalism, talk-show guest, former war correspondent, former opera and football critic, as well as an outstanding showman, talked about – with his roguish and hysterical sarcasm – many of the celebrities and personalities he met during his vast and measureless career. He talked to us about Berlusconi, Monica Bellucci, Gerard Depardieu, Plácido Domingo and Milosevic, among slews of other big names, like we’ve never heard them spoken of ever before.

Television reporter Raquel Martos was the master of ceremonies in this unrepeatable night in which many of Rubén Amón’s friends also took to the stage with him. The evening was also spiced up with live music, Yllana’s scenic tricks and audiovisual projections. And, naturally, audiences could taste perfect serves made with Havana 7 and inspired by the personalities of Rubén Amón and Raquel Martos, even baptised with their names

Following Rubén Amón, many illustrious names from journalism have spent time at El Club Havana 7, including Juan Luis Cano, Toni Garrido and Toni García, and celebrities like actor Gabino Diego and actress Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, who was also a master of ceremonies.

A unique, exclusive and oh-so-special evening in which journalism and theatre join forces in a mestizo, mixed and shaken show, to toast the best experiences of the greatest storytellers with a perfect cocktail.