During 2015, Mahou San Miguel celebrated its 125 years of history and turned to Yllana to create ‘Together for Another 125 Years’.

The travelling show consists of an original journey, during which viewers take a long time to drink a beer, as the piece takes them through the history of Mahou San Miguel. The stage is a spectacular staging of six interlinked tents that are located in iconic sites in each city in which audiences can explore different ways of understanding theatre. An extraordinary journey that 20,000 people throughout Spain enjoyed.

The surprises that audiences discovered in ‘Together for Another 125 Years’ included a sensory laboratory run by a German master brewer named Conrado, a futuristic dance, a cappella songs and two astronauts who transport us to a break in handing out beers in the year 2140. All of this spiced up with creativity, surprises, music and laughs, the main ingredients with which the present, past and future of Mahou San Miguel are presented.

The cities in which ‘Together for Another 125 Years’ have stopped are closely linked to Mahou San Miguel due to being important sites in the company’s history: Alovera, Burgos, Lleida, Granada, Málaga, Córdoba and Madrid.