The network of Mini dealerships met on 7 February 2015 as true stars to celebrate, in addition to the convention, the awards ceremony for the best dealerships. The Compac Theatre opened its doors to host The Mini Show, in the purest musical style of Madrid’s Gran Vía, produced by the Katapult agency.

The awards ceremony kicked off when the curtain rose and the roar of engines was heard that preceded  a Mini descending to the stage from the heights of the theatre.

A show featuring Fernando Gil as the presenter with gags adapted to the Tricicle brand, a performance by illusionist Anthony Blake, as well as songs played live by the band Escuela de Calor. Two hundred people filled the theatre’s seating area, which dismantled its regular seats to stage a banquet dinner.

The script for the gala evening, written by Yllana, was created as a true musical, in which the different awards were associated with and presented with different sketches and live songs.

The theatre itself was decked out like it was a top premiere: photocall, red carpet, an outside eye-catching signboard, with the headlamps of a MINI lighting up the street.