This is the first show that emerged from the collaboration with the fun fair. A show created by a trio of creators:  Yllana, Mayumaná and the fun fair. A fantastic experience. Yananá (Madness) is an unbelievable theatrical concert, arising from the collision between Mayumaná’s sounds and movement and Yllana’s rhythm and humour.

Yananá transforms rubbish bins into buckets that come alive, pails into drums, frying pans into racquets and tables into tap dance floors. With all of these features, Yananá pulls at our senses, creating a show brimming over with energy, magic, humour and loads of madness.

The first coproduction between Experts in Percussion and Dance (five members of Mayumaná) and Doctores en Mimo y Clown (three members of Yllana). Percussion with impossible elements and a direct connection with kids from the outset.

In the 45 dizzily-paced minutes, viewers will witness re-interpretations of original numbers by Mayumaná (like using a table to create beats) and versions of other mute comedy sketches by Yllana. As well as several new numbers prepared exclusively for this venue. In summary, huge doses of energy and imagination.

‘Harmonious collision’ between two distinctive styles

Although the styles of Mayumaná and Yllana may seem extremely different at first, there are indeed common working lines. In Yllana’s performances ‘without words’ there is a permanent soundtrack of noises and onomatopoeias that create their own language that is closely related to Mayumaná’s ‘noise’.  The two are joined by unique styles and omnipresent sounds and vitality.

The relationship between both companies is based on mutual admiration of the work that each one does. There had always been common ideas to embark on an artistic collaboration in a creative process. And the possibility of joining forces finally emerged with Yananá.

The backgrounds

Yananá was created at the crossroads between Mayumaná and the company Yllana starting from two of their shows: Adraba (Mayumaná) and Rock & Clown (Yllana), both sharing music, rhythm and humour. The outcome of giving a twist to all these features has been a ‘harmonious collision’ between two most peculiar styles: Yananá.

Artistic direction: Yllana together with Mayumaná

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