Fuga tells the story of a government minister of industry who just resigned after finding himself immersed in a corruption scandal – a builder who was hired by his ministry remodelled his house for free – which trashed his political career.

And if that weren’t enough, his wife left him for the journalist who uncovered the case and, between one thing and another, his life is in a lamentable spot, so much so that sunk in a deep depression, he is even considering suicide. Then a door-to-door salesman knocks on his door, a happy and dynamic woman completely different from any woman he has ever met. The contrast between his situation and the woman’s situation, who does indeed have a truly tough and difficult life, much more than his, is completely infected by her fighting spirit, kindness and charm. This makes the minister start viewing life with a bit of optimism again. He starts thinking about carrying on and, in the end, falls in love with her.

But that is only the beginning, because this man’s life is not only going to cross paths with that of the saleswoman, but with the lives of her entire family: a whoring and abusive husband, the prostitute he goes to, a paralytic father… And, with them, the minister is going to enter a spiral of situations that are progressively more incredible. But, as tends to happen, not everything is what it seems in this comedy, and the twists and turns keep coming one after another until reaching a surprising end that – naturally – we are not going to tell you about here.

By: Jordi Galcerán
Artistic collaboration: Joe O’Curneen
Direction: Tamzin Townsend
Production: Trasgo Producciones
Starring: Amparo Larrañaga, José Luis Gil, Kira Miró, Mauro Muñiz-Urquiza, Francesc Albiol

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