Avenue Q is the story of Princeton, a brilliant university graduate who arrives in New York with big dreams, albeit scarce economic means. He doesn’t take long to discover the only rental flat within his means is the modest Avenue Q, although the neighbours seem really nice.

Brian lives there, the unemployed comedian and his therapist girlfriend Merry Christmas; Nicky, the good-hearted slacker and her flatmate Rod, a Republican investor who seems to be hiding a secret; an internet addict called Trekkie Monster; and Kate, a lovely assistant at a nursery school. And can you believe that the neighbourhood handyman is none other than Gary Coleman??? (Yes, the wonder kid who starred in the TV series Arnold. Tricked and ruined by his parents, he ended up unemployed in real life, before dying in misery in August 2010). Together, Princeton and his new friends struggle to find jobs, partners and their always elusive goals in life.

Avenue Q speaks of real life and handles adult subjects like sex, drinking and internet porn. It is not for children. But if you want to surprise your 20-something children with how savvy you are, then recommend Avenue Q to them. Before they recommend it to you first! A musical like Avenue Q is a big challenge. To execute it, there’s no better guarantee than the talent and experience of the creative team that made this proposal possible: everyone on this list are true geniuses.

Max Awards for the Performing Arts 2012
Best Musical
Musical Theatre Awards 2011
Best Stage Manager

Book: Jeff Whitty
Music and Lyrics: Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez
Artistic direction: David Ottone
A production of: Smedia, Vertigo, Drive and Trasgo (Vorágine and El Reló)

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