They say that Florence Foster Jenkins started her singing career in 1912, the year the Titanic sank. The tragedy of the Titanic, as we all know, was due to the ice, and Florence’s… well, there’s nobody who can flesh out the details.

Even so, Florence’s story is far from being a tragedy. Florence managed to disembark against all odds in one of the world’s most important musical ‘ports’: Carnegie Hall in New York City. She gave an entire recital there to a jam-packed theatre. A glorious feat, if we recall that she didn’t know how to sing.

Glorious, la peor cantante del mundo, has already been lauded by some one million viewers round the world.  The work premiered in August 2005 at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. The production, starring Maureen Lipman, reached London’s West End in November 2005, and played for six months at the Duchess Theatre. It was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Awards as the Best New Comedy. Since its debut in London, the work has been performed in countries on every continent and over 1,000,000 viewers have already praised it.

By: Peter Quilter
Artistic direction: Joe O’Curneen
Spanish version: Joe O’Curneen and José Ignacio Salmerón
Production: Nearco Producciones, Olympia Metropolitana and Cobre Producciones
Starring: Llum Barrera, Ángel Ruiz, Alejandra Jiménez-Cascón

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