Glow! is promoted on posters and hoardings with one sentence: ‘You’ve never seen anything like this’. And that is absolutely right. It doesn’t matter how much of a veteran theatre-goer you may be: we bet you’ve never sat down to watch a show that skilfully mixes so many styles and worlds like Glow!

Created by Lior Kalfo with the artistic collaboration of David Ottone (Yllana), Glow! has employed formats like cinema and animation as references, combining them with theatre and comedy… On the stage, you’ll see effects and perspectives that until now were only possible with computer animated cinema.

Glow! tells the story of a boy stressed by his humdrum life and a job where they humiliate him, until one day he meets a girl who changes everything for him. Then the young couple in love embark upon a dream-like adventure where darkness becomes the magical place from which reality emerges.

Two years of tests and experiments endorse this staging, which takes full advantage of the possibilities of black theatre, imbuing the possibilities of a stage with a new meaning and a new outlook, which makes watching the performance a truly unique experience. Glow! is one of those shows like a ruler against which to measure the quality of other productions.

14 actors take to the stage in this production, although viewers can only see three. But not only humans act in this piece, as the audience will be invaded by a bad-tempered horde of giant spiders and the most playful popcorn, among other slews of surprises that will make viewers guffaw outrageously.

The precise and timed work of all the performers is noteworthy, who make the show run like clockwork, in which everything happens when it should… and where it should. The show is presented with a type of Babel language, mixing and blending several languages, although the storyline can still be followed easily.

Artistic collaboration: David Ottone
Director and designer: Lior Kalfo

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