Yllana and Nancho Novo join forces to create an insane and scandalous, absolutely hilarious version of Ben-Hur, inspired by the mythical film from 1959.

With a dizzying pace and the visual inventiveness they have defined as TEATROMASCOPE, the staging lets them bring this epic history to today’s viewers without losing an iota of its grandeur thanks to the constant play between cinematographic and theatrical language.

Ben-Hur is infested with ingenious visual gags, scathing and absurd dialogues and a curious reflection on truth, love and the gender battle. Four actors and two actresses in a state of grace imbue a multitude of characters with life, to tell us again – this time with no holds barred – what no-one has ever dared to utter about Ben-Hur.

Because in this story things are not like they seem to be. Or it would be better saying that things are what they DO seem to be…

By: Lewis Wallace
Version: Nancho Novo
Direction: Yllana
Artistic direction: David Ottone and Juan Ramos Toro
Cast: Agustín Jiménez, Elena Lombao, Víctor Massán, Fael García, Richard Collins-Moore, Maria Lanau
Production: Focus, Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Mérida and Yllana

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