Zic-Zag is the first solo creation by Joseph Collard after concluding a long history replete with success with his company Les Founambules.

In Zic-Zag, he humorously tells us, without words, how he became a mime. And he takes us through his professional life, putting himself in the skin of the people who most influenced him in becoming the brilliant artist that he is today. He transforms into his grandfather, into a really boring Russian professor and into an Englishman who works with body control. And he shows us how he took to the stage for the first time before an enthusiastic audience that he won over.

Zic-Zag is a show for all ages, which is heading to all countries, taking us into the world of the imagination, where laughter and guffaws mix with tears of joy and excitement.
Bonheur et d’émotion!

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Year 2015