Yllana and Primital Bros join together to surprise you with a hilarious ‘a capella’ musical comedy. Four native people of a planet very similar to the planet Earth go on stage ready to seduce the audience (either with laughs or knives) by overflowing them with many different genres of music that they learnt thanks to their travels out of space and time. The Primitals… the strange and surrealistic story of a slightly dysfunctional tribe with internal fights, grandiose delusions, mental instability and millenary pharmacopoeia Shamanism with four voices. A capella tragical comedy. Ancestral vanguardism. The Primitals is everything and much more than this.

Mostra de Teatro de Cangas 2020
Premio do Público
Festival Off de Avignon, Francia 2019
Audience Award for Best Musical Show
Llave de la Ciudad de Caracas 2017

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