Yllana and Seagram’s Gin were back and working together to bring the latest New York trend to Madrid and Barcelona: Bingo Brunch.

Bingo Brunch is so much fun and so entertaining, an idea unheard of in Spain before then.

For one and a half hours, the show was on. Attendees could savour an authentic New York brunch, while playing very special bingo games, guided by a drag queen. The same space also featured live DJ music livening up each round, the best New York cocktails and the favourite cupcakes of Sex in the City.

An immersive experience that sought interaction with the audience and – need we even mention it? – a wonderful show created by Yllana. Every line had a prize and you had to go to the stage to get it. The agency responsible for the event was Señor Goldwind. Yllana was in charge of direction, the script and coordinating the show: David Ottone and Juan F. Ramos at the helms for artistic direction and Ramón Sáez on production.

Bingo Brunch was at the Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid for four weeks (Sundays from 24 March to 14 April 2019) as a pop-up event. In Barcelona, from 15 June to 14 July, in the restaurant on the first floor of the Hotel 1898.

The brunch menu consisted of several dishes, both sweet and savoury, in the purest Manhattan style. In Madrid, the brunch was designed by Byron Hogan – who was the executive chef of the American embassy in Madrid – and in Barcelona by American chef Matt Fisher.

At a price of only € 30, it included the show, a bingo card and brunch.

Bingo Brunch was a unique proposal that was welcomed with open arms. Yllana and Seagram’s called out Bingo!