Yllana and Seagram’s Gin took one more stride forward in branding via corporate events with the Seagram’s New York Hotel Madrid 2019.

Madrid was turned into New York City for an entire month.

From 22 March to 14 April 2019, the essence of the Big Apple was distilled at the Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid.

The public that had the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic and authentically New York experience felt like they had been instantly transported to New York. The experiential journey took them through the most iconic neighbourhoods of the city that never sleeps, thanks to a detailed space designed for the occasion and for The New York Show, the show created by Yllana exclusively for Seagram’s.

The direction, script and coordination of the show were also done by Yllana. Juan F. Ramos was in charge of direction and Ramón Sáez took charge of production.

Seagram’s New York Hotel also served up the magnificent cocktails of Death & Company and the mythical cupcakes of none other than the famous Magnolia Bakery (the favourites of Sex in the City).

Once again this year, Seagram’s New York Hotel brought the winning plans from the Big Apple to the Spanish capital”. El País

Seagram’s NY Hotel brings you the best of the Big Apple in Madrid”. Viajar / El Periódico

The boldest New York lands in Madrid to host the most groundbreaking experiences of the Big Apple”. Gacetas Locales