Seagram’s Gin was back to hire Yllana for the opening event of the Seagram’s New York Hotel at The Corner Hotel.

It was now Barcelona’s turn to repeat the success obtained in Madrid at the Seagram’s NY Hotel at Only You. Between 1 November and 16 December 2017, The Corner Hotel brought together the essence of New York in the city of Barcelona.

Attendees could soak up New York life for a month and a half through experiences and contents brought from the streets of New York by Seagram’s Gin. A prestigious cocktail bar, a barber shop, a restaurant specialising in the Big Apple’s most iconic and traditional cuisine and the same jazz artists that took to the stage every night at the emblematic Blue Note. Programming that took a chunk of New York soul and released it into the streets of Barcelona.

The project launch was celebrated on 31 October with a Masquerade Party, with the presence of the ambassadors of Sunday in Brooklyn, Caffè Dante and The NY Shaving Company.

Yllana was in charge of the direction, script and coordination of the great inaugural show for The Seagram’s New York Hotel at The Corner Hotel. Direction was handled by Juan F. Ramos, with Edu Ferrés as the assistant director and Ramón Sáez in production.

On this occasion we also had collaboration from the Primital Bros, who paid their unique homage to the capital of the world with a wonderful version of the iconic musical, The Phantom of the Opera, from which Felipe Forastiere also performed a song. The choreography Percussion Dance by Ana Eva Cruellas was also in the house, along with versions from other musicals like Singing in the Rain, and the Trick or Treat section, which converted part of the hotel into a Halloween-themed cemetery to round out this genuinely New York experience.

The party was also attended by Quim Gutiérrez, Johann Wald, Roberto Etxebarría and many others. Thus was the inception of Seagram’s New York Hotel at The Corner, a project with ephemeral contents that, for one and a half months, hosted the true spirit of the city of skyscrapers in a 100% New York style hotel.