Seagram’s Gin and Only You Hotels worked with Yllana for the opening of the Seagram’s New York Hotel at Only YOU, a project that would convert the new Only YOU Hotel Atocha into the veritable embassy of the New York Way of Life in Madrid for four months. A unique space where you could have experiences imported directly from the Big Apple.

The grand inauguration was honoured with the presence of two exceptional benefactors: actress Mónica Cruz and top international model Juan Betancourt. Also spotted at the oh-so-busy party were Pitingo, Hiba Abouk, Enrique Alcides, Luján Argüelles and Nacho Guerreros, who enjoyed the long staging of this ambitious project. Aligned with the New York Way of Life, the party revolved around iconic Broadway musicals and they paid tribute to it with songs like ‘A Day in New York’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Yllana was in charge of directing, scripting and coordinating a huge show full of surprises that opened the four-month run, at which the Seagram’s New York Hotel at Only YOU would become THE place to be in Madrid.

The Dead Rabbit, chosen as the Best Bar in the World 2016, was open and ready for service throughout the month of December, along with the varied and iconic cuisine of New York, which is the star of the incredible hotel rooftop terrace at the hands of Chef Bryce Shuman and Betony Burger. The most authentic jazz by the mythical Blue Note club lived in harmony with the most modern barber shops, like Frank’s Chop Shop. All of these contents and many more, in downtown Madrid.