1682. King Charles II the ‘Bewitched’, the biggest simpleton fool of all our kings (until now) needs an heir to secure his dynasty and prevent the Crown’s possessions from falling into the hands of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Remedies, potions, relics and exorcisms… he’s tried them all, and a lot more that we can’t tell you about here. His last hope: Florimón, his best agent… the best among those who still remain… in short, the only one left. Objective: Constantinople.

His adversaries: mercenaries more terrible than tax inspectors, French traitors who pursue him to prevent him from fulfilling his mission… and even the distraction of the seductive and lovely Mariflor.

Will Florimón avoid all the dangers? Will he fulfil his mission? Will we always need to pose these types of questions in the summary? If you want to know more, call us, and a friendly operator will fill you in. A mission that risks others’ lives. And, above all, the first show that will tele-transport you 332 years into the past.

After four years of success in Paris, it is now coming to Madrid. Over 800 functions and 200,000 viewers!

Artistic direction: Joe O’Curneen
Produced by: Summum Music
Distributed: SEDA
Cast: Vanesa Romero, Canco Rodríguez, Marcelo Casas, Jesús Cabrero, Santiago Molero

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