Jameson brought the phenomenon of story slams to Spain for the very first time.

‘If you dared, tell us about it’. This is the premise of the latest experience proposed by Jameson Whiskey that was held between October and December 2016 in collaboration with Yllana and Señor Goldwind.

We all love a great story, if possible, a real one narrated in the first person. And that’s what the groundbreaking new idea of Jameson Whiskey is all about, reviving face-to-face communication with its JAMESON SINE METU STORIES platform, inspired by the story slam sessions that have triumphed in cities like London and New York. These stories, told in bars and cafés with stages, are currently one of the most in-vogue trends round the world, one more step forward to breaking down the barriers between the audience and creating new participative experiences, like micro-theatre did in its day, along with the comedy clubs. Because, in the end, we are all storytellers and we all adore a great story.

JAMESON SINE METU STORIES proposes a participative experience with live sessions starring anonymous people. The storytellers have 5 to 10 minutes each to recount a true story related to a challenge overcome, an act of bravery that changed his or her life or just a time at which the storyteller dared to be courageous.

The project could be enjoyed in three ways:


They were held from 27 October to 16 December 2016 at the cocktail bar-restaurant Córner San Francisco (Carrera de San Francisco, 15) in the Madrilenian neighbourhood of La Latina, with two sessions per day: at 8 and 10 pm. Attendees could listen to others’ stories or take to the stage to participate in these sessions led by a master of ceremonies. After this first wave, the sessions were started up again at the end of March 2017 until mid-May.


Let’s be honest: Spaniards are a bit shy about public speaking. Indeed, recent studies show that 75% of people experience some level of anxiety and nerves when they have to do it. JAMESON SINE METU STORIES knows this and that’s why, every Wednesday (also at Corner San Francisco), it held a special Master Class session on Public Speaking, taught by Antonio Fabregat, named Best Orator in the World 2015 and 2016, among the 215 plus experts in the art of the word who competed at the World Debate in Spanish Championship held in Bogotá (Colombia).

‘Everyone can be a good public speaker if they practice and polish their mistakes, but an excellent orator must have, besides great work, training. You’ve got to be yourself, practice and let them teach you everything they can. You can be a good public speaker, even if you don’t have the same skills at first that others seem to have. The most important thing is perseverance,’ says Fabregat.


Once a month, at the Inspiring Session, popular and relevant personalities took the floor from the world of culture, fashion, music, media and business (journalists, actors, designers, writers and young entrepreneurs, to name a few) with a story to tell, an inspiring tale that had defined their lives. Stories also about overcoming challenges, conquering fears and bravery in life. These monthly sessions would be held at the Teatro Marquina (Calle de Prim, 11, Madrid).

The first Inspiring Session took place on Tuesday, 15 November at 8 pm. Entrepreneur and poet Jose María Garrido told us how making courageous decisions had changed his life. At the second, on 13 December, designer Maya Hansen and actor Enrique Alcides recounted their personal experiences when they garnered their courage to turn their lives around.