Almost two years after the great success of Brachetti che sorpresa! premiered in Italy, the new and long-awaited show by Arturo Brachetti also landed on international stages. SOLO, an authentic solo by the great artist who is back in theatres as the sole actor after the success of his previous shows L’uomo dai mille volti and Ciack!, which enthralled some two million people round the world.

A return to his roots for Brachetti, who will open the doors to his home full of memories and fantasies in this performance, a home outside space and time, where ‘up’ is changed into ‘down’ and you’ve got to go down the stairs to go up.

There is a home like this one inside each one of us, where each room contains a different feature of ourselves and daily objects come to life, transporting us to extraordinary worlds where the only limit is our own imaginations. It’s a secret house without present, past or future in which we keep our dreams and desires shut up inside… Brachetti will open the door to each room, revealing its history so that it comes to life on the stage.

Truth and fiction, magic and reality: everything is possible with Arturo Brachetti, the great international maestro of transformism, who is back with a surreal show where you can forget yourself and forget all about rationality.

In a new show starring transformism, featuring the art that has made it world famous that will be brought to the stage with over 50 new characters.

In SOLO, Brachetti also proposes a journey into his artistic background through the disciplines he masters: from the great classics like Chinese shadow play, mime and chapeaugraphie, to astonishing new innovations like poetic sand-painting and the magnetic laser beam. The mix between traditional scenography and video-mapping ensures that he can emphasise the details, opening up a space where the audience can participate in the show.

From Magritte to pop music, moving through the most classic stories and Matrix… Brachetti sets the pace on the stage: 90 minutes of pure entertainment designed for all audiences, a family show.

The international tour of SOLO departed from Italy to land on world stages in the second half of 2017. It will be a true solo endeavour for one of the most popular Italian artists in the world, who returns to the stage with renewed enthusiasm to delight audiences with his most complete work: SOLO.

Arturo Brachetti is a world-acclaimed Italian artist. In many countries he is considered a living legend from the world of theatre and the visual performing arts. Arturo is also a passionate director and art director, skilful at encompassing everything from comic theatre to musicals, from magic to variety shows.

Brachetti is currently the best transformist in the world, with a gallery of some 350 characters, with up to a 100 of them performed in a single function.

His changes are so fast that he has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records and his leadership remains invincible. Arturo not only changes colour but the entire character, from shoes to the hat, changing in the blink of an eye from Scarlet O’Hara to a mariachi, from a Charleston diva to a Don Cossack.

Original idea: Arturo Brachetti
Artistic direction: David Ottone
Musica: Fabio Valdemarin
Wardrobe: Zaira de Vincentiis, Napoli
Scenography: Rinaldo Rinaldi
Video artist and visual design: Riccardo Antonino
Production: Arte Brachetti srl
President: Giorgio Brachetti
Production direction: IK Project
Booking: Showbees and Monica Savaresi

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