In 2009 we directed a festival in the Plaza Soledad Torres Acosta, as part of the programme of the San Isidro festivities. These three days included a full comedy programme for all audiences.
Tardes Lunáticas is the name of a festival we did in 2009 in the Plaza Soledad Torres Acosta, a project that took place with the support of the Madrid Council for the San Isidro festivities. The proposal included three full days of comedy shows for all audiences. Well known national and international companies could play in the very centre of Madrid. Three days with nine different, new and surprising shows. The festival exceeded all expectations. The feedback was impressive. From the first day the square was full. Every day the queue grew more and more, there were children and adults. The festival area was the square itself; the space was surrounded by fences to mark it better. Apart from the stage, a bank of seats was placed for an audience of 350 people, and in front of it 150 extra chairs, for a total capacity of 500 people. Furthermore, there were many people who enjoyed the shows while standing behind the fences. Every day there were 2,500 people watching the shows, that is over 7,500 people in three days! The festival was a great success!