Yllana’s first production is a parody of bullfighting that shows us one typical day of four crazy bullfighters before, during and after their fight with the bull from an absurd point of view.

¡Muu! jeers at values such as machismo, bravery, exhibitionism and all the protocol of a ritual where the man and the beast are face to face like in a Roman arena even if we already are in the 21st century.

Yllana mixes visual language with music, while the bull, invisible but ready to attack, can only be felt by his threatening moos that leave our actors speechless for the rest of the bullfight.

¡Muu! was awarded with the Courge d’Or for the Best Foreign Show at the Printemps des Courges de Toulouse (France) in 1993.

Courge D’Or de Toulouse, France 1995

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