Under our artistic direction, the great Carnival parade began at the Perrault Bridge and ended at the Black Esplanade, where the traditional proclamation took place, which this year was given by the actor Fernando Gil.

The Madrid-based interpreter has praised Madrid as a city that is open in all senses, especially when it comes to welcoming different cultures and people from all corners of the world.

This same spirit has been what has been transmitted by the parade, in which the multiculturalism of the city has been reflected in the involvement of 11 cultural associations from countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, which have contributed more of 350 participants including dancers and musicians.

In addition, the parade has also had the participation of more than one hundred artists, among whom there have been no shortage of tightrope walkers, giant ladies, swordsmen and stilt walkers. All of them were part of a parade in which the mythological Madrid, the Madrid of the Austrias and the Madrid of the Movida were represented, through the costumes, part of which were provided by the Spanish Theater, and the three participating floats that represented a galleon in the Madrid of the Austrias, a Fantasy float for the Madrid of the Movida and, for mythological Madrid, the god Neptune.

The latter, the protagonist of this year’s poster, has been transported on the Tarasca float, a work that the prestigious Italian theater producer, architect and set designer, Andrea D’Odorico, designed for the show Fiesta Barroca by Miguel Narros, in 1992, on the occasion of Madrid European Capital of Culture and that recalled Madrid in the 17th century.

Music, protagonist in Matadero Madrid

The party continued throughout the afternoon with music. Starting at 2:25 p.m., an eclectic selection of DJs and music groups have taken over Plaza B in Matadero: Multi-genre musician and DJ David Purón; DJ Adrián Lefreak (Adrián Lopez), responsible for the Flechazo parties; Jimena Amarillo, latest sensation of new Spanish pop; the Murcians Varry Brava and the actress, DJ and visual creator Laura Put. It should be noted that this programming included accessibility measures with magnetic loop equipment, amplified sound and vibrating backpacks.