Chic-cas is a series created and directed by Yllana, produced by Paramount Comedy, the exclusive channel that airs it. Structured as sketches, it offers a unique vision of the female world, bringing tele-viewers to an infinite gallery of female characters and their relationships in daily life, mixing absurdity, visual humour and parody.

Chic-cas is constructed from the work of four extremely versatile actresses, which ensures they can create a large variety of characters. The four women have long performing careers and a special gift for comedy. They are Marta Belenguer, Cecilia Solaguren, Elena Lombao and Paula Galimberti. In addition to the leading roles, you can see Yllana faces like Juan Ramos, Fidel Fernández, Antonio de la Fuente, Raul Cano, Luis Cao, Juanfran Dorado… As well as special guest appearances from Antonio Pagudo, Fele Martínez and Adriá Collado.

The episodes were directed by David Ottone (Yllana), Joe O’Curneen (Yllana) and Sayago Ayuso (Goa) and you can follow this successful series exclusively on the canal Paramount Comedy channel.

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