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Action Man, November 1st in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

1 November, 2014

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  • Fecha: 1 November, 2014
  • Lugar OK
  • España

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In Action Man, Raúl Cano (alone on the stage!) embodies different characters and situations with fantastic gestures and facial expressions, great body control and a wonderful and precise voice control.

The main character is a very special agent in his last mission surrounded by lots of funny situations drawn from the most hilarious sketches of the movie-, TV- and comics world.

Raúl Cano is actor and co-author of many shows of Yllana like ¡Muu!, GlubGlub, 666, Star Trip and Brokers. He also starred in very popular TV series (La Tira, La que se avecina, Chic-cas and La hora de José Mota).

Now he starts his first theatrical movie… Let’s hope he doesn’t fuck it up!


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