Children, young people and adults will fill up the classes of the Municipal Theatre School next year. They want to get closer to the fascinating world of Theatre and to live new experiences, imaginary worlds and personal challenges.

Our main goal is to develop the big potentiality of the theatre from an educative point of view, like a personal growing and even as a step to a possible job.

For that reason this is a quality school for everyone. We offer regular classes and monographic courses given by professional actors and teachers of the performing arts sector. Our school is open to those who are looking for a space where to have fun, to grow from a personal point of view and, why not, to make their first step into the theatre world. Whatever your age, your level and your ambitions, there is room for you in our school – we want it to make it your school.

Opening event: September 26th (in the theatre of the cultural centre)

Classes start on October 2nd


If you want any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us per email or phone:

+34 91 523 33 01