The Opera Locos has been awarded the Max Prize for Best Musical Show

Congratulations to us! On May 20th 2019 in Valladolid, The Opera Locos was awarded the 22nd Max Prize for the Performing Arts as Best Musical Show.

Vicente Roig (Klemark), the five artists of The Opera Locos (Enrique Sánchez, Toni Comas, Mayca Teba, Maria Rey-Joly, Jesús García Gallera) and Joe O’Curneen (Yllana) went on stage to pick up the prize. During his speech the Artistic Director thanked the team who is working hard in this production to make the public enjoy each minute of the show. Alejandro Colubi (Klemark) also attended the red carpet with the Company.

With his one, Yllana has already gained 3 Max Awards. We will work to keep adding apples to our list!

And as Joe said at the end of his thank-you speech… Keep dreaming!

The Opera Locos Premio Max