Other artist on tour

La Calderona

A classic play with Hip Hop rhythm

Sólala – Pez en Raya

An invitation to a smile, leaving all the daily worries and get distracted in an intelligent way

Improvisa Tío!! – Improclan

An impromptu show entirely created on the spot where the public decides what happens

A Grito Pelao – Pez en Raya

A creative trip through the imaginary world of Cristina Medina

Best of Bassi

Behind the television character is a thoroughbred comic, a classic clown and an actor who continues to work in favour of distinct, explosive, provocative and fleeting comedy.


A comedian, mime and dancer. The truth is that Avner The Eccentric is that and much more, and for this reason he is considered one of the greatest clowns of all times.


A great mime. In his show, Elliot brings diverse characters and situations to life using wonderful and precise sound effects.


Krosny is undoubtedly the most famous and recognizable comic mime in Poland. He has created his own original technique of miming…

Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers are an Australian comedy duo, David Collins And Shane Dundas. Theus performances combine puppetry, slapstick and mimicry…

Joseph Collard

Zic-Zag is the first show created by Joseph Collard after ending a long lasting and successful collaboration with his company Les Founambules.