Malikianini, Simfònic Ara

Yllana, Ara Malikian and El Palau de la Música present Malikianini Simfonic Ara, a new musical show for all ages with Ara Malikian´s overwhelming energy.

Monty Python: The Best Of

Your chance to enjoy the best Monty Python original sketches in Spanish without subtitles.


“SENSORMEN” is a coproduction of YLLANA together with the performer BULBUL and combines comedy, music, percussion and audiovisual effects.

Musicall Hall

YLLANA and IMPREBÍS have collaborated once again to create MUSICALL, the first musical comedy in history where you decide what’s going to happen!

La Cantante Calva

Yllana and Ionesco, together again after almost fifteen years, work on this play that shows the senselessness and the peculiarity of the daily life…

The Best Sketches of Monty Python

For the first time in Spain Imprebís and Yllana present the best sketches of Monty Python.


Visual humour without complexes and full of action. The aim is clear: entertaining both ourselves and the public.

Rock and Clown

Rock & Clown is the fourth show by Producciones Yllana and the second one that was not performed by the members of Yllana. In this show the clash between Rock and Clown…


Hipo, premiered at the Autumn Festival in 1999 is the first production of Yllana that is not performed by Yllana’s actors but by Sexpeare. Hipo is a hilarious comedy, this time with spoken parts…

Puppetry of the Penis

Puppetry of the Penis was conceived in Australia in 1996 by Simon Morley. When his youngest brother showed him his first installation (The Hamburger)…

Glub, Glub

Glub Glub, premiered at the Festival Internacional de Payasos de Cornella in 1994. Yllana plunge into an ocean of sketches: encouraging rowers in a galleon with the whip.


Yllana’s first production is a parody of bullfighting that shows us one typical day of four crazy bullfighters before, during and after their fight with the bull from an absurd point of view.