Yllana on tour


Yllana joins Tothem to present us TRASH! A show of percussion, movement and humor.


GLUBS is the street theatre show that we directed and co-produced together with Nacho Vilar Producciones.


Greenpiss. An Eco-Illogical Mess.


Yllana, again, leaves its mark on MAESTRISSIMO in an original fashion, and reinvents the way of conceiving a recital of classical music, intended for all audiences.

Gag Movie

A hilarious journey through the most iconographic moments of the seventh art

The Opera Locos

A comic opera show

The Primitals

The funniest a capella musical comedy, by Yllana and Primital Brothers

The Best of Yllana

A selection of the best sketches of Yllana´s 25 years of history


A fun way to see the fascinating world of gastronomy

The Gagfather

An incredibly funny voyage to the criminal underworld and most basic instincts.

Far West

A pacific and simple farmer is waiting for his fiancée in a dusty train station in the far, far west. But before they can kiss each others, two very bad outlaws sequester her.

The Hole

A fresh and shameless show. Let’s mix cabaret, burlesque, circus, music and humor; then add some drops of a sensual and provocative tone…


In 1991 a group of young enthusiasts got a theatre project up and running which we could never have imagined even in our wildest dreams to take us this far. ..


Deep in the jungle, some intrepid and crazy explorers face a very silly adventure. Their mission is to capture an exotic animal that is going extinct for the ZOO…


BROKERS shows us the wild world of high finance in Yllana’s pure style. Yllana enters the universe of luxury and money to show us how crazy, ridiculous and hilarious this world can be.


Producciones Yllana and Ara Malikian present PAGAGNINI, an innovative, non-text musical show that brings to life some of the most treasured musical pieces in the World in the key of comedy.


Olimplaff is a micro olimpics of fun and laughter where we can see how three extraordinary clowns try to compete as top notch athletes in a world of high class competition.


Yllana returns with ¡SPLASH! to take us on a journey into the ocean in a fresh, spontaneous and original way.
With swim caps and striped shirts, three actors playing sailors dive into an ocean of sketches.


Pull up an electric chair and witness the most shockingly over-the-top show in town, where nothing is sacred and everything is hysterically demented. One jail, four men and a whole lotta funny…