Puppetry of the Penis

Puppetry of the Penis was conceived in Australia in 1996 by Simon Morley.

Puppetry of the Penis was conceived in Australia in 1996 by Simon Morley. When his youngest brother showed him his first installation (the hamburger), Simon could not imagine that he would end up showing his penis to everyone, but that’s what’s happened. Natural sibling rivalry resulted in the evolution of a grand repertoire of genital gesticulations. It was on New Year’s Eve in 1997, with a garage full of calendars to sell and burgeoning requests for live demonstrations that prompted Simon to team up with his friend David and unleash their talents on the world.

Together, Simon and David Friend’s solo “acts” became Puppetry of the Penis, and a global phenomenon was born. David became popular among university parties, helping himself with to a beer, he would show his acclaimed skills with his penis. As soon as they met, they decided to start to work together as “Puppetry of the Penis”.

Their debut at the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival was a huge hit, kicking off an eight-month tour of Australia. The national tour covered 20,000 kilometres and was been captured in the documentary “Tackle Happy”.

Subsequent sell-out runs in Sydney and Melbourne encouraged the boys to take their wares to the 2000 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, where they were humbled by yet another sell-out run.

David Jonson y Richard Temple, 2 of the most important producers of London, were impressed by a woman who wet her pants laughing during a performance. Contracts were signed and mops were brought out: PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS was on its way to London’s West End.

Initially booked for a five-week run at London’s Whitehall Theatre, the overwhelming response led to an astonishing 5-month run. Hugh Grant, Naomi Campbell, Elton John, Bono and The Beckhams enjoyed their performances and from that moment Puppetry of the penis continued to gain momentum in Nueva York, Berlín, Reykjavik, etc.

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