Comunicado Seagram's

Seagram’s New York Hotel

New York Show

Madrid turns into New York… at least for a couple of weeks at the Gran Hotel Inglés.

From March 6th you will be able to enjoy again the essence of the Big Apple thanks to Seagram’s and Yllana. It is going to take place a new edition of the New York Show. Enjoy the fresh experiences coming directly from the World’s Capital.

The show – directed by Yllana – will lead you to the most iconic and unusual sites of New York. You will travel through the City That Never Sleeps without leaving Madrid.

The chameleonic Gilberto Gómez is going to be the MC. He will introduce us into a show full of energy with visual and sound suggestions. It is an experience with the best artists, live music, moving songs with the usual humor and interaction typical of Yllana’s productions.


Broadway Brunch

New York is not only a city to live at night. On Saturdays and on Sundays between 12:30pm and 5:00pm Seagram’s and Yllana will bring back the best musicals from Broadway creating a show where the public is the main actor.

Broadway Brunch is a show that will surprise you song by song. While enjoying the funniest brunch of the city, you will also have a taste of the best musicals like The Lion King or the Phantom of the Opera.

The US chef John Husby has got more than 15 years experiences and will create for you an original American menu with different options (standard, vegetarian and gluten-free) with delicious B.T.A. Benedict eggs, Hash Brown-style potato and kale and traditional US pancakes.

Broadway moves to Madrid with a big wish: they want you to be part of the show because this is also included in the menu.