Jameson Sine Metu

Jameson brings for the first time to Spain the phenomenon of the ‘story slams’

‘If you dare to, then tell us’. This is the premise of the last experience proposed by Jameson Whiskey realized between October and December 2016 together with Yllana and Señor Goldwind.

Everyone loves good stories, even better if you are told them live. The new proposal of Jameson Whiskey is about rescuing the face-to-face communication thanks to the JAMESON SINE METU STORIES platform which is inspired by story slams, the new hit in cities like New York or London where stories are told in cafes and bars transformed into stages. This is the latest trend at international level, a step forward to break the wall between stage and audience and to create new interactive experiences like the “micro-theatre” or the “comedy clubs” already did in the past.

JAMESON SINE METU STORIES proposes a participatory experience with live sessions of anonymous people. The story-tellers have between 5 and 10 minutes each to tell a real story related to a challenge they won or a brave act that changed their lives.

This project had three main levels:

  • Micro session open to the public
  • Oratory classes
  • Inspiring stories


More information, booking and legal policy here: www.sinemetustories.jamesonwhiskey.com