El Club Havana 7. Historias que cuentan

It´s not a monologue, it is not a late night show, but it has everything!
It´s not a monologue, it is not a late night show, but it has everything!

´Havana 7. Historias que cuentan´ is reaching the Madrilenian billboards and opens its doors to the public. The project that is supported by journalism by excellence, that has been seducing us for the past three years with stories of our best communicators (Andrés Aberasturi, Juan Ramón Lucas, Enric González, Javier Reverte, Carlos Boyero, Javier Gallego o Juan Luis Cano), present a new concept of a show. A unique cultural, breaking, unusual hybrid until now: ´El Club. Havana 7. Historias que cuentan´.

´The Club. Havana 7. Historias que cuentan´ opens its doors with Rubén Amón the next 29 of June in the Teatro Alfil in Madrid, offering two unique shows and 20h and at 22:30h, at a price of 13 euros (show + perfect serve), of their show El tigre mordió a Cristo, based on their homonymous bestiary.

A show produced by Grupo Duende and Havana 7 that carries a stamp by the theatrical company Yllana. This show contains, a versatile human orchestra of journalism, a Tertullian, a former war correspondent, former opera and football critic, and on top of that a showman outside the series, he will review this with his group of scoundrels and hilarious, many of the characters he has met during his boundless career. He will speak to us of Berlusconi, Monica Bellucci, Gerad Depardieu, Plácido Domingo o Milosevíc, amongst more other names, how they have never presented it to you, until now.

The television presentor, Raquel Martos, will host the ceremonias for this unique night accompanied by Rubén Amón with many of his friends, it contains a lot of live music, performing acts and visual projections by Yllana. The Audience will be able to taste the rum cocktails of Havana 7, based on the personalities of the characters.

A night like no other, exclusive, very special in which journalism and the theatre give one another a hand in a shaken but not stirred way, to give us a perfect cocktail with the best experiences of the greatest storytellers.