Bingo Brunch


Yllana y Seagram’s Gin worked together again to bring to Madrid and Barcelona the latest New Yorker trend: the Bingo Brunch.

Bingo Brunch is a very funny proposal, quite new in Europe.

During 90 minutes the audience would enjoy the original New Yorker brunch while playing a sort of bingo directed by a Drag Queen. You could also enjoy live music played by a DJ and have a drink with the very same cupcakes of Sex in New York.

A full-immersion experience that was looking for the interaction with the public – and it could not be different when it comes to Yllana.

The agency responsible for the event was Mister Goldwind. Yllana directed it, created the script and produced the show. David Ottone with Juan Ramos were in charge of the Artistic direction, while Ramón Sáez was Head of the Production.

Bingo Brunch took place at the Gran Hotel Inglés of Madrid during 4 weeks as a pop-up event (on Sundays from 24th March to 14th April 2019) and it took place in Barcelona from 15th June to 14th July at the restaurant of the Hotel 1898.

The Branch menu included different meals, from salty to sweet foods according to the Manhattan style. In Madrid the menu was designed by Byron Hogan (former executive chef at the US Embassy in Madrid) and in Barcelona by Matt Fisher.

For a final price of 30 Euros you could get the show, a bingo board card and the meal.

Bingo Brunch was an original and extremely successful proposal. Yllana and Seagram’s won the bingo again!