Artistic direction together with Mayumana

Artistic direction together with Mayumana

This show was born thanks to a collaboration with the Entertainment Park. It is a show created by three different parties: Yllana, Mayumana and the Entertainment Park. A great experience!

YANANÁ (madness) it is an unusual theatre concert created by the clash of sounds and movements of Mayumana and the rhythm and humour of Yllana. Without words but with chords.

YANANÁ transforms rubbish bins into something full of life, buckets into drums, frying pans into rackets and tables into tap dancing floors. With all these elements YANANÁ drags our senses by creating a show full of energy, magic, humour and madness.

This is the first collaboration between the Experts in Percussions and Dance (five Mayumana’s members) and Doctors in Mime and Clowning (three Yllana’s members). Percussion with incredible elements and direct connection with children from the very first moment.

In 45 minutes of frenetic rhythm you will see some of the most original performances of Mayumana (like doing percussion with a table) and versions of Yllana’s comic stitches without words, a part of a few brand new numbers that they prepared especially created for this show. In short, lots of energy and imagination.

“Harmonious clash” between two peculiar styles

Even if you could think that Mayumana’s and Yllana’s styles are very different from each others, there are some points in common. In Yllana’s shows without words there is an original soundtrack of noises and onomatopoeia that create a unic genre, like a continuous and dynamic noise.

The relationship between both companies is based on mutual admiration. Both parties have always had common proposals to start an artistic collaboration under the framework of a creative process, and finally they had the chance to join together by producing YANANÁ.


YANANÁ rises from the encounter between Mayumana and Yllana, starting from two of their shows: Adraba (Mayumana) and Rock&Clown (Yllana), both shows linked by music, rhythm and humour. The result is a harmonious clash between two peculiar styles: YANANÁ.