What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton

The most significant comedy written by the ill-fated playwright Joe Orton

Spanish version: Julio Escalada and Tomás Gayo

Artistic direction: Yllana (Joe O´Curneen)

Production: Tomás Gayo Producciones

Distribution: Metrópolis Teatro

One morning in his clinic Dr. Prentince examines the young Geraldine in a job interview. Suddenly we see like the psychiatrist is interested in something more than the job skills of this attractive secretary and he convinces her to undergo some outrageous physical tests. When he has just started with his ridiculous test his wife enters the clinic after a weekened with a group of lesbians. This is the beginning of “What the butler saw” and from there we can already get the spirit of this two-hour play. In one unique room and one single day we are going to meet up with six different characters: the doctor, his voluptuous wife, the naive prospective secretary, the dissolute pageboy, the irrational mental-health inspector and the incompetent policeman. All them will bring us through a crescendo of absurd situations justified by the infallible comical quid-pro-quo. At the end we will have taken part in an autentical completely crazy and messy cerimony. “What the butler saw” is with no doubts the most distinctive comedy written by the ill-fated playwright Joe Orton.