Leaded by the Queen’s “Big Fan”, who built a rock cathedral to give tribute to his favorite band, the audience will take part in a funny and original liturgy by praising with enthusiasm Queen’s lyrics.

Furthermore one of the public will be invited every night to go on stage to take part in the liturgy.

An awesome staging with live music, dancers, actors and singers mixed up with Yllana’s style. The result is a show full of energy, good music that wants to entertain you from the beginning to the end.

Yllana has taken part in different shows, such as 666 (1998), Brokers (2007), The hole (2012), Hoy no me puedo levanter (2014), Chefs (2015) and Mayumana Rumba – tribute to Estopa (2017), among others. In this show Yllana directs for the entrepreneur group Barabu-extresound.

Duration: 95 minutes without break.

  • Executive production: Juan Canelada and Fernando Gonzalo
  • Direction: Yllana
  • Artistic direction: David Ottone and Juan F. Ramos
  • Main voices and Singers: Enrique Sequero and Manuel Bartoll
  • Musicians: Jorge Ahijado (Guitar and chorus), Micky Martínez (Drums) and Sergio González (Bass)
  • Dancers: Zaira Buitrón, Basem Tomás, Sara Salaberry, Patxi Loperena, Sylvia Mollá and Albert Suárez
  • Musical direction: Julio Vaquero
  • Choreography: Zaira Buitrón
  • Costume design: Diego Flores
  • Set design: Carlos Braida
  • Tech on tour: Manuel Baviano and Javier de los Reyes
  • Booking: Álvaro M. Blanco
  • Production and Marketing: Esperanza Pacheco