TRÁGALA, TRÁGALA is a contemporary farce where humour and the capacity of laughing at one’s self is the way to understand so much of the Spanish history like it is; actually, socially, politically and culturally, which dramatically affects all the citizens.

Nobody should ignore that the history repeats itself (especially when it is being forgotten).

Do not despair yourself; because Spain is not tragedy, it is a farce.

Artistic Crew

  • Directing: Juan Ramos Toro (Yllana)
  • Cast: Fernando Albizu, Jorge Machín, Luis Mottola, Balbino Lacosta, Fael García, Joshean Mauleón, Ramón Merlo, Ana Cerdeiriña y Paula Iwasaki
  • Collaborator of scenographic direction and scenographic moverment Rolando San Martín
  • Composer musical and music: Yayo Cáceres, Juan Cañas, Miguel Magdalena, Álvaro Tato (RON LALÁ)
  • Scenography Miguel Brayda
  • Light Design Toño M. Camacho (AAI)
  • Costume Design Tatiana de Sarabia
  • Soundscape Luis López de Segovia
  • Soundeffects Alberto Fernández Roda
  • Audiovisual Design Javier del Prado
  • Assistant Scenographers Ascensión López y Carlos Brayda
  • Assistant Custome Design/Wardrobe Matias Zanotti
  • Assistant Artistic Management Ana Fernández de Cosa
  • Photography and Poster Design Javier Naval
  • Wardrobe Sastrería Cornejo
  • Confección vestuario Fernando VII Maribel Rodríguez


Dates From the 5th of November at Teatro Nuevo Apolo