Today I can’t wake up

You have never seen something similiar!

uthors: José María Cano and Ignacio Cano

Music: Ignacio Cano

Text: David Serrano

Songs and lyrics: Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez

Artistic direction: David Ottone (Yllana)

Production: Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar S.L. / Drive

Mario and Colate leave their little town and move to Madrid to follow their dream, that is starting a band. The guys arrive in a culturally and socially changing city but Madrid’s welcome is cold. The reality is that they have no job, no money, no manager and no recording label shows a bit of interest. But they don’t give up and succeed in getting a job at the “33” bar where they meet up with other 2 dreamers looking for fame:

Guillermo and Panchi. Together with them they found the band “Rulé” and win an important competition that allows them to record their first album and to start their successful career. In the meanwhile Mario meets Maria, his love, and Colate enters the dark world of drugs. Their friendship faces a tough moment due to personal ambition and glory. We are at the beginning of the 80s.

“More than a mere show it is a dream that comes true.” -Woman World-

“Mecano’s heart keeps beating in a scenario that involves wonderful technological solutions.” -On Madrid-