The Look

A show that will make your night unforgettable
The venue Florida Retiro begins its second year with the show “The Look”, a production directed by Yllana, one of the most famous theatrical company at the moment. Yllana has already successfully directed shows like “Hoy no me puedo levanter” and “The Hole”.

On Fridays and Saturdays “The Look” wants to challenge the night of Madrid. It’s a universal dinner show where the audience enjoys live music by amazing voices, spectacular acrobatics of very high level and that bold humor typical of Yllana. Everything mixed together with the gastronomic creations of the chef Joaquín Felipe with an eclectic menu especially created ad hoc for this show. The Look. A look through the mirror where you will find your image reflected and will be surprised by a show that will make your night unforgettable.


Address: Paseo República de Panamá, 1

Schedule: Fridays and Saturdays from 9:30pm to 1:30am

Price: 30 Euros per person (dinner not included)

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  • Production: Florida Retiro
  • Direction: Juan Ramos and David Ottone (Yllana)
  • Music direction: Marc Álvarez
  • Choreography: Ana Eva Cruellas
  • Lights: Fernando Berzosa
  • Sound: Roberto Sánchez
  • Costumes: Amparo Utrilla


  • Susan Martín (Singer / actress / musician)
  • Irene Alman (Singer / actress / musician)
  • Samuel Gómez (Singer / actor / musician)
  • Alex Forriols (Singer / actor / dancer)
  • Elena Macías (Singer / actress / musician)
  • Chus Herrera (Percussionist / actor)
  • Ramón Merlo (Actor / musician / singer)
  • Joshean Mauleón (Actor)
  • Alicia Lobo (Actress / dancer)
  • Reyes Ortega (Dancer / actress)
  • Nani Mora (Dancer / actress)
  • Michelle Marier (Dancer / actress)
  • Diego Rodríguez (Dancer / singer / actor)
  • Juan Manzano (Dancer / actor)
  • Gemma Morisco and Miguel Guillén / Diego García and Elena Vives (Acrobats)
  • Astro (DJ Scratcher)