Pandora Nights

The big party hall ‘Florida Retiro‘ opened doors on October 1st 2016. This legendary and fully renewed venue asked Yllana to produce an ambitious show for a long run: Pandora Nights.

Pandora Nights’ is a show that has been designed to turn the Florida Retiro into a reference point for the Madrilenian night at international level. The show recalls the daring night entertainment of the past century.

In ‘Pandora Nights’ you can find first class actors who have been carefully selected by Yllana: actors, musicians, dancers, acrobats… who are performing about 30 sketches to entertain you during dinner till late at night. And, of course, with Yllana’s typical humor.

Open the can of worms to enter a dreaming world

Challenge the Madrilenian night with a big party that you will never forget

An exciting dinner show

A party till the first ray of light

9pm – 01:30am Pandora Dinner Show

Pandora Dinner Show is a 5 sense experience. You will enjoy a delicious dinner by the famous chef Joaquín Felipe while having fun with a show directed by Yllana.

1:30am – 6am Pandora Party

And after dinner, the show goes on with the craziest party ever in an amusing environment full of hedonism.

Pandora Nights, pure Yllana.


Production: Florida Retiro

Direction: Juan Ramos and David Ottone (YLLANA)

Musical director: Marc Álvarez

Choreography: Ana Eva Cruellas

Lights: Juanjo Llorens

Costumes: Amparo Utrilla

Sound: Luis López Segovia


Actors-singers: Susan Martin, Irene Alman, Samuel Gómez, Alex Forriols, Jorge Ahijado, Elena Macías

Actors-dancers: Reyes Ortega, Kristina Alonso, Nani Mora, Dani Tatay, Diego Rodríguez, Chus Herrrera

Flying acrobats: Gemma Moresco & Miguel Guillén / Diego García & Elena Vives

Musicians: Drums- Chus Herrera / Guitar- Jorge Ahijado, Ramón Merlo / Percusion, flamenco box drum and guitar- Samuel Gómez / DJ Scratcher- Dstro

Visual arts: Jose Manuel Ramos

Entertainment: Joshean Mauleón , Alicia Lobo