Misión Florimón

In Madrid after 4 successful seasons in Paris. Over 800 shows and 200.000 viewers!

Cast: Vanesa Romero, Canco Rodríguez, Marcelo Casas, Jesús Cabrero, Santiago Molero

Artistic direction: Yllana

Produced by: Summum Music

Distributed by: SEDA

1682. Charles II, the bewitched and the silliest of our kings (until now) needs a heir to guarantee his dinasty and prevent Crown’s possessions from falling into Louis XIV The Sun King’s hands. Remedies, potions, relics, exorcism… They tried everything out and much more that we cannot even imagine.  His last chance is Florimón, his best agent… or at least one of the agents left… better saying, the only one left.

Target: Constantinople.

His enemies are mercenaries awfuler than tax inspectors, disloyal French people who run after him to block his mission… and also the distraction of the charming and beautiful Mariflor.

Will Florimón succeed in escaping from all these dangers? Will he carry out his mission?

Are we supposed to ask those questions in synopsis? If you want more information, call us and a lovely operator will help you out.

A mission that puts other people’s lives in danger. And above all the very first show that will transport you 332 years back in the past.

“Laughing record per minute. 5 actors singing, dancing and changing their voices with great ability.” -Diario Lire-

“Soldout, humour and disaster. It’s like “Mr Schimtt” of the forth dimension versus OSS 117 of the Monty Python!” -Diario Elle-

“Full of horrifying unexpected events, the show was so successful that had be rescheduled!” -Le Parisien-

“ A show with a fresh humour recalling the great epoque of the Reinassance. The most insane and wildest show that we have ever seen. Be ready because you won’t stop laughing!” -Periódico Figaro-

“It’s crazy… Azzopardi’s and Danino’s work is incredibly funny!” -Pariscope-