Luna the Show

An original erotic show full of humour, with a live painting of a painting and mapping technology to escape the earthly mediocrity that wraps us.
Elektrik Five present an original erotic show directed by Yllana.

We propose an escape from this earthly mediocrity that wraps us with an original erotic show directed by Yllana full of humour, sensuality and mapping technology. You can even be the fortunate one to bring the painting with you that is made live during the show.

On stage there will be different songs presented to us all in the cabaret style in which the most amazing bodies are flaunted to us and abilities and they will be sharing different stories that they propose.

Just like how it is said in the promotional video: ¨It does not matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or a sea horse¨. This trip to the moon (Luna) will entertain you and you will have a good time, a lot of laughs, take a drink in a pleasant environment in the company of your partner or a group of friends.

You won’t regret attending, there will be a raffle to whom will be able to take the painting home which is made during the show.

Artistic Crew:

  • Directing- Yllana
  • Original Idea- José Manuel Ramos
  • Script- Mónica Ramos
  • Actors- Camino Miñana, Javier Caraballo, Nayra Ortega, Soraya Sainz, José Manuel Ramos, Javier Leal
  • Lighting- Xavier Choupart, Alberto Fernández Roda
  • Sound- Leanorado Lapeña
  • Video and Mapping- Xavier Choupart, Leonadro Lapeña
  • Scenography and Props- Fabián Gutiérrez
  • Choreography- Javier Caraballo
  • Styling- Raúl Estrada
  • Make-up- Carmen Garcia Arranz
  • Production- José Manuel Ramos, Carlos Oviedo
  • Photography- Nacho Arjonilla
  • Graphic Design- Pedro Resina

“Don´t let people tell you, reserve your tickets and get ready to have a good time and enjoy the eroticism of a trip to the Moon.” MELODIJOELAPUNTADOR